Terms and Conditions

Booking confirmation

  • All bookings will require a 50% deposit via our online booking system (Secure Payment). The balance must be paid 5 days prior to the event. You will receive a reminder via email for the payment 7 days before your party
  • Bookings will only be confirmed once funds have been paid and cleared

Cancellation /Refund Policy

We understand that there may be situations beyond your control where the Event may not be able to take place. In this instance, we will offer to re schedule the event

Our policy is as follows:

  • All cancellation must be requested via email
·         If cancelled 4 weeks before you will receive a full refund
·         If cancelled 4-2 weeks before the event you will receive 50%
·         If cancelled 2 weeks or less before the event there will be no refund given, however we can rebook within 6 months


If we are unable to attend an event due to compromising our safety or others due to adverse weather conditions or an accident whilst mobile we will fully refund your payment or alternatively a new date can be arranged for you.


During the events, we love to take photos and videos of the fun and games. Any taken maybe used by MGZ for marketing or advertising purposes if you do not wish us to use your event please notify us in writing.

Please note that no payment will be offered for this.

Company Liability

  • We aim to arrive in good time to set up and be ready for the fun, sometimes there are situations beyond our control that prevent us from doing so such as heavy traffic or unknown road closures. In this case we would continue the event to complete the full time allotted.
  • In the unlikely event of technical failure, a full refund will be offered.
  • We will not be held responsible for any damage to driveway or grounds that is considered to be caused by our vehicle or employees. It is your responsibility as the client to ensure that the ground is suitable for our vehicle.
  • Any damages cause by harsh treatment of our equipment or the vehicle, we will reserve the right to charge the client accordingly.
  • For Health and safety of the audience and for your comfort we operate a strict NO SMOKING, Under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL policy. We reserve the right to refuse entry into our vehicle.


  • Only suitable rated games will be allowed to be played at any event in accordance with the audience intended.
  • We carry a wide range of games and continually check for quality however, in instances where the game is not working we will not be held responsible or any compensation given.

Vehicle Restrictions

  • Please ensure that there is ample space for our vehicle to park in your driveway or allocated space. We will not be held responsible if the vehicle cannot fit in the space provided. Please be prepare with a backup plan.
  • The vehicle will not park anywhere where it will incur a fixed penalty charge or restricted/controlled areas


  • We will not park where the vehicle is put into danger or obstructing traffic.


  • Any parking penalties incurred must be paid by the client.


  • We will not be held liable for any damage caused to driveways, wall, fences. Please check before hand that you are able to accommodate the vehicle.

Company Details

Registered Company Details

TMN Enterprise T/A

Mobile Gaming Zone

Registered company number 10846465

Vat Number 272 7102 19